Heanor East Election Candidate-Phil Hill





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Phil is currently a Town Councillor and has a wealth of job experience  to bring to the community from being in the Police Service,Social Services, Probabtion Service to currently being an  Associate Lecturer with the Open University.

Phil is also  currently District Commissioner for the Derwent and Dove Scout group

Statement by Phil




 ‘I come from generations of Coal and Lead Miners.

 Served in the Grenadier Guards and was a Territorial Army Officer.

 Retired Probation Officer and now lecture for the Open University and have served in Derbyshire Constabulary.


My reasons for standing are simple. I care about Heanor and the impact that the cuts as a consequence of the economic recession are having and I want to play a part in making sure that they impact on people, especially the more vulnerable in society, as little as possible. There is more to reversing the impact of a global recession than simply getting out the calculator and slashing the money which should be spent on building communities and ensuring that the population stays safe.


Any cuts need to made with careful consideration of the impact they will have and organisations like schools, hospitals, policing and social welfare need to be prioritised. I will see that as an inviolable imperative and do all I can to ensure that we don’t fail Heanor and its community.’

Other candidates

1 Tory


1 LD

Previous Election result 2008

Heanor East
Turnout: 33%
Cliff Roper- BNP: 537 (elected)

Linda Edwards-Millsom – Conservatives: 482
Kenneth Thomas Armstrong – Labour: 454


Published by Paul Jones 60 Fletcher Street Heanor DE75 7PG